JIT Services was recognized by Xcel Energy for our leading role in helping other businesses accomplish reductions in energy consumption and environmental impact, resulting in exceptional energy savings contributions. This Energy Efficiency Partner Award places JIT among an elite pool of high achieving trade partners participating in Xcel Energy’s state conservation programs.

JIT received its 2017 Energy Efficiency Partner Award as a trade partner submitting the results of customer projects through Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency rebate programs; the winning partners generated the most electricity or natural gas savings in 2016 through those programs.

As a trade partner of Xcel Energy, JIT Services underwent a training and certification process that enables support of mutual customers taking part in Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency rebate programs. Assisted by JIT engineers, mutual client Medtronic achieved significant-enough energy savings to elevate JIT into consideration for recognition.  JIT supported Medtronic in identifying and implementing opportunities for energy cost savings by developing the scope of work and business case. While doing this, JIT also managed the technical implementation of those projects by communicating with stakeholders and coordinating contractors, and by securing the applicable utility rebates.

Of nine possible award categories among thirty-nine business, JIT joins three other companies as Business Energy Efficiency Programs Winners; the projects initiated by JIT achieved rebate savings which crossed multiple programs such as Business Lighting, Energy Efficiency Controls, Motors & Drives, and Recommissioning.

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Learn more about Xcel Energy’s energy efficiency programs by visiting this link.